CPix 2.5.3 for Windows – Download

CPix is ​​a useful tool that offers us a practical compact photo viewer that supports APNG, WebP, MPO, encryption, format conversion, resizing and much more.

CPix’s interface is very simple, providing us with a totally intuitive experience and navigation. From the top menu we can access its multiple functionalities, among which we will find: view images and animations in a multitude of formats. Likewise, it will be possible to work with EJPG, known for being the encrypted JPEG file format that we will view and even convert to JPEG. On the other hand, it also works with DualPhoto and, if we wish, we will create them or even extract the second encrypted image to save or delete it. In general, CPix is ​​ready to work, open or edit photos and files MPO, EMPO, PL, EPL and endless more. It will also convert to GIF, WebP, TIFF formats by resizing JPEG, BMP or PNG images.

CPix is ​​also designed to select both a predefined tonality and indicate any other color that we want in order to modify the background tone of our snapshots. In fact, so many are the advantages of this title that, if we wish, we can even reproduce our photographs automatically.

CPix is ​​an easy-to-use image viewer, although with really numerous features and options.


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