Creative Destruction 2021-01-14 for Windows

Creative Destruction is a ‘battle royale’ openly inspired by Fortnite, in which up to one hundred players can face off on an island full of weapons. As is customary in the genre, only one can get out alive … unless we play in teams, in which case up to four players can win.

Creative Destruction’s gameplay is practically identical to PUBG or, more specifically, to the aforementioned Fortnite. Players will be able to use their primary weapon to obtain resources from the stage, smashing whatever they see: cars, buildings, trees, whatever. With these resources they can quickly build all kinds of structures, using walls, ceilings, floors and ramps. In this way, if we are skilled we can create spectacular towers in a matter of seconds.

Players will be able to make use of a huge arsenal, with different types of shotguns, pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and assault rifles, all of them present in various colors that will indicate their level of rarity. It is also possible to use energy shields, first aid kits, grenades and other accessories. Anything goes as long as we improve our survival options.

As in the rest of ‘battle royale’, as we play, we will also gain coins and experience. This will allow us to acquire different pieces of clothing to customize our characters. We can even unlock unique ‘skins’ for our weapons.

Creative Destruction is an excellent title, which has little or nothing to envy other titles of the same genre. The graphic section of the game, although it is not at the same level as that of Fortnite, does not go too far. Now it only remains to be seen if, little by little, it is done with a large enough user base so that there are always games full of human players (otherwise they are filled with ‘bots’).

Season 3 arrives at Creative Destruction, the Fortnite for humble smartphones

In June 2018 Creative Destruction appeared on Android devices, a game based at all levels on the expected Fortnite, which at that time had not yet reached the platform. Although everything indicated that it would end up relegated to the background as the umpteenth clone, the truth is that today it is for many the only way to enjoy the game on their terminal, since the Epic title has very high requirements. Now, Creative Destruction receives a complete facelift to its gaming territory to kick off its Season 3 in time for Halloween.

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