CudaText for Windows – Download

CudaText is a fairly complete cross-platform text editor for Windows thanks to the huge number of Python plugins that we can add to it. Replacing SynWrite, this program comes to make the work of programmers, developers and code editors much easier.

It was at the end of 2019 when CudaText released its first stable version on the market. Developed in Lazarus, the program has multiple options that will help increase productivity in any environment. Thanks to the GUI qualities and the good compatibility of the tool between Windows Linux and Mac, all work will be easily exportable.

On the other hand, it should be noted that CudaText incorporates the option of folding code and Code tree. The latter will help us make it much easier for us to run a good management of multiple files or code folders. The program will even help us to establish relationships between lines or install and uninstall add-ons. Always under the possibility of using the dark mode to give our eyes more rest.

CudaText is an excellent open source editor with which we will not have platform barriers. We’ll even have syntax highlighting for C, C ++, JavaScript, Python, or HTML.


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