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There are several measures we can take to protect our online activity. No one is unaware of the need for a good antivirus that protects against different kinds of malware or of a firewall that blocks any type of suspicious connection with our team. But many often pass the convenience of using a good VPN service.

The version of Cyberghost for Windows

Cyberghost VPN it is presented for PC just as it is for Android and iOS. It is the virtual private network service with which we can protect our privacy when browsing or when our team uses an application that uses online servers. With her our IP, the number that identifies our computer, will be masked thanks to the network of servers distributed throughout the world with which this service has, offering us the following characteristics:

  • Browse anonymously with a fake IP and launching the incognito version of Chrome, Firefox or whatever your preferred web browser is by default.
  • Access any online content restricted due to copyright or censorship. That is, for example, access your Netflix account even if you travel abroad.
  • Protect yourself at Wi-Fi access points by encrypting your traffic.
  • Use torrent services without your activity being logged.
  • Choose any of the VPN servers Cyberghost offers. There are more than 2,200.
  • Choose when you want to use VPN with its on-off switch.
  • No activity logs.
  • Simultaneous connections of up to 7 devices: connect with the same account with more computers or other systems such as Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Don’t think twice: if you are concerned about your Internet security, you have to download Cyberghost for PC. Of course, it is advisable that you get the full version of the application, with all the features that you will not find in the one that is free.

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