Cyberpunk 2077 – Download Free

V is a mercenary trying to achieve immortality. To do this, he has to get an implant that is located somewhere in Night City, a huge violent and decadent city, where its inhabitants live obsessed with power, in a future where cybernetic bodily enhancements are the order of the day.

A huge open world to explore and a story that depends on your decisions

The long awaited Cyberpunk 2077 offers a Open-world experience that spans different genres of video games, such as RPG, action and adventure. The story will depend at all times on our decisions and our reach, a huge open world that we can explore freely, perfecting the idea that made the now mythical GTA San Andreas tremendously popular.

With state-of-the-art graphics, an adventure is proposed where we will control a mercenary who lives outside the law and has all kinds of cybernetic enhancements in his body. With them he will face all his enemies: criminals, policemen, security guards of large corporations … all this without forgetting that he will be able to earn money to invest in vehicles, clothes or extravagant improvements for his anatomy.

It is one of the most challenging adventures that we can enjoy in the video game world, largely thanks to the city that looms before our eyes and that hides thousands of secrets in its different areas: gang-controlled areas, a bustling downtown urban, headquarters of large companies that you can raid … and all this with hundreds of characters with whom we can interact, trade, negotiate or fight if things get ugly. Each of the decisions you make will change your story.

Do not hesitate and download the one that is the game of 2020 and that is going to give a lot to talk about, breaking records from the first day of its launch.

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