Darktable 3.4.0 for Windows – Download

Darktable is an incredibly complete image editing tool that will allow you to edit your RAW files in a digital darkroom designed so that you can work with your negatives and return to the original easily, in a non-destructive way. With support for more than four hundred cameras, this utility will allow you to edit your photos in a complete and professional way with a large number of functions.

When you start working with your photos, you can import them from your desktop computer or do it directly from the camera with which you work. Darktable has a very complete import system that will allow you to import in a personalized way and create, for example, strips of images in time lapse, among other options.

Once you have opened your negatives, you can go directly to the dark room, where various navigation panels will be displayed. In the left side menu you will find functions that will allow you to catalog the images, obtain information about them, open the eyedropper or manage the masks. On the other hand, the right side will concentrate all the available modules to work with the image itself. One of the advantages that Darktable offers compared to other similar tools is that it works non-destructively and has a history of changes that you can consult or delete if you want to return to your original negative.

Darktable offers a large number of very useful tools and functions that make it a great option for working with your images. In addition to everything mentioned above, the utility will allow you to work on monitors with 4K and 5K resolutions, it also offers support for 3D RGB LUT and incorporates all kinds of modules, shortcuts and modes that will make your life easier when working with your photographs.


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