Dataprius 7.8 for Windows – Download

Dataprius is a cloud storage system that will allow us to save up to 2 GB inside and access it at any time from our own desktop.

One of the main utilities of the application is how easy it is to turn it into a private network for accessing and sharing files. We will only have to protect each directory with a password and any user with an Internet connection can access its content if they have the password.

From the desktop client interface we can manage the users we want to participate in our network, the directories we want to share with each other, and something else.

Dataprius is an ideal tool for workgroups that are doing a project from different locations, and even for small and medium-sized companies with separate workstations. Even if it is for an individual user, it can come in handy thanks to the possibility of having important files accessible at any time.


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