Deepl 1.17.1 for Windows – Download

DeepL is an online translator capable of analyzing text through neural networks. The main reason for its accuracy is due to using this technology together with its own dictionary, analyzing the context of the text itself and translating it accurately.

The operation of DeepL is quite simple since it is still in development phase, but it offers equally excellent results. To proceed to translate any text we just have to enter the text indicating your language in the first box. On the other hand, the box located just below will show us its translation in the entered language.

DeepL is designed so that, by pressing Ctrl + C on the computer, the text is pasted and automatically translated into the program. Therefore, it is not necessary to copy the text, open the program and copy it back there since the translation is carried out automatically even with the program closed (opening itself when doing this). The main limitation that we find with DeepL is that it only has support for eight languages: Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Russian.

DeepL is a very useful tool for fast translations that offers us excellent results for any content. Also, like other translators, it is subject to errors, but even so, DeepL remains one of the most accurate tools to achieve this mission.


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