DeskFX Free Audio Enhancer Software 3.00 for Windows

DeskFX Free Audio Enhancer Software is a very interesting audio enhancer and graphic equalizer designed to modify and enhance the audio that is played through our speakers or headphones.

The intuitive interface of DeskFX Free Audio Enhancer Software makes it easy for us to customize the effects. In addition, thanks to the fact that it shows and graphically represents all the parameters that we are modifying, it allows us to work more easily with the files.

With DeskFX Free Audio Enhancer Software we will be able to carry out the main modifications such as expanding and reinforcing the bass of live audios, using vibrato, increasing the bass, suppressing unwanted noise with live high and low pass filters. We also have graphic equalizers (visual, graphic or parametric), the possibility of creating unique sounds (with unlimited layers of effects), using more than 30 presets or transmitting any audio.

In addition, it includes other very interesting tools such as: adjusting the sound to adapt it to our listening environment, optimizing the music that is played through the speakers or the equalizer of the entire system with up to 20 bands. DeskFX Free Audio Enhancer Software offers an ideal service for all those users who seek to achieve better listening quality, modify sounds or even create them. In addition, it works with numerous applications such as Spotify, YouTube, Pandora among others and it is completely free.


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