DesktopSnowOK 5.31 – Download Free

With the arrival of winter we all expect a drop in temperatures and, of course, snowfall. Also your PC, which can be flooded with snowflakes with the help of DesktopSnowOK.

Add a bit of winter magic to your desktop.


  • Software of small size and very low consumption of resources.
  • Different types of cups to select with multi-layered textures. If you get tired, you also have colored balls, soccer balls and basketballs …
  • Adjustable falling speed of snowflakes.
  • Adjustable transparency.
  • Prevents mouse movement from closing the animation.

Centralized computer climate control

Its small size makes it ideal to carry in a pen drive. DesktopSnowOK it does not need any installation and can be executed at the moment. From dedicated configuration panel you can make all the necessary adjustments to the animation.

Bring winter and its cold temperatures to your desktop too by downloading DesktopSnowOK free, a fun and carefree animation to decorate this space on your PC.

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