DiskDigger for Windows – Download

DiskDigger is a useful tool that allows you to recover all kinds of files that are lost or accidentally deleted from any disk drive. The program works both on standard hard drives, as well as on USB devices, pen drives or memory cards. In the same way, it is capable of recovering all kinds of documents such as images, videos, music or text files.

DiskDigger can also recover information found in bad sectors of hard drives or damaged USB devices.

In addition to recovering possible lost files, DiskDigger can help us to see which files we thought had disappeared from our memory units are still there. Whether you keep them or eliminate them definitely will be up to you.

DiskDigger is a very useful program for any user who has accidentally lost important files and wants to get them back. Its ease of use and friendly interface make it even more recommended.

Recover Deleted Photos on Android with DiskDigger

One of the most dramatic moments for any mobile device user is when they mistakenly delete photos and videos. Their recovery is quite complicated, especially if it has been a while since we lost them by overwriting the memory area where it was. DiskDigger is a free app that allows you to recover deleted files on Android, although to obtain the best results we will need to have our terminal rooted.

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