Dolphin – Wii Emulator 5.0-13268 for Windows

Dolphin is simply the best emulator for Nintendo Wii and Gamecube out there right now. With it we can enjoy practically the entire catalog of Nintendo desktop consoles without any problem.

And what is better, in most cases (if our computer is relatively new), we will get better graphics than in the original consoles themselves. This is due to the fact that the Wii hardware offers much lower performance than modern graphics cards, which can show us games in high definition (yes, Wii in HD).

Configuring Dolphin can be somewhat problematic, since we have many options at our disposal with which we can improve performance and lower graphic quality. In addition, we can configure the Wii controls as we want, even connecting the Wiimote to our PC (as long as we have an adapter). Of course, it is best to use an Xbox 360 controller to control all games.

Dolphin is the definitive emulator for Wii. In addition, it is constantly updated, so the game that one day does not work for us, the next day it can run like silk. A must for Nintendo fans and for video game lovers in general.

Dolphin emulator improves performance by 50%

Virtually unique in its field, the Dolphin emulator is a blast when it comes to playing Wii and Gamecube video games on PC (and Android with LOTS of reservations). If its performance has already improved enormously in recent times, a huge qualitative leap has recently been made by including support for DirectX 12, greatly increasing the FPS of many games with respect to DirectX 11 and OpenGL.

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