Domination 1.2.3 – Download Free

Risk is probably the most popular strategy game in the world, a title that allows you to face up to six players per the military dominance of the planet, through a very dynamic and fun game system.

Now we can enjoy this great game on our PC’s, thanks to the developer Yura Mamyrin, keeping the essence of the original and allowing us to enjoy each battle, either through an individual game against the machine or against others players over the internet.

Design your military strategy in this Risk for Windows

Locate your army around the world, distributing the troops as best suits you, and then go face to face with the other 5 factions that fight for world domination. You will have to overcome the tests that the letters indicate or face the enemy troops freely across the map, to achieve your objective.

The title has about very simple graphics, but ideal for the type of game in question. If you want to play this classic again, from a different perspective, do not hesitate to download as soon as possible Domination.

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