Dooble 2021.01.10 – Download Free

The number of web browsers available increases every day, and to stand out a little more than the rest of the competition, most of the most modern browsers focus on specific points of navigation, such as privacy in the case of Dooble.

Safe and private web browser

It is open source browser who uses the WebKit navigation engine has been specially designed for protect user privacy, at the same time that it has been developed to be the most compact and flexible while maintaining the stability of the program.

Among the characteristics that are worth highlighting of Dooble are the tabbed browsing, the integrated download manager, easy access to the code of each page and the possibility of modifying the application code.

Therefore, if you want a browser that cares about the security and privacy of users, that does not use an extremely high amount of resources and that is free, download and install Dooble.

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