Doomsday Engine 2.3 for Windows

The Doomsday engine is a port of the one created by id Software for the Doom video game, which was later used for its sequels and even by other studios such as Raven Software for Heretic and Hexen. These games are not currently supported by the Windows operating system, so this tool is essential to remember them, with the added incentive of adding some additional features.

To use Doomsday it is necessary to have the original files of the game in question, specifically the files with their WAD extension. If we don’t have the original game we can always use the shareware versions that include a large number of maps. In fact, there are many variants of the original titles that completely change graphics, music and settings and that can be acquired for free on the net.

The engine allows you to greatly increase the resolution of the game, while always preserving the original sprites and textures. The filters applied, along with new lighting and shading effects, greatly improve the original experience, adding some extra features such as the possibility of pointing anywhere using the mouse or an integrated system to play online games.

How to play the original Doom on Android and modern PCs

In 1993 id Software launched one of the most influential titles of the 90s, both because of how revolutionary its proposal was and because of the controversy it aroused. Not for nothing is the expected quarter of the saga released tomorrow after twelve years of waiting since the previous one, which does not mean that we can take the original installments and enjoy them again like that pre-adolescent with excess hormones that filled their folders of demonic pentagrams and photographs of Kurt Kobain. For this, there are several ports that allow you to enjoy the classic titles of id Software (and others that used its engine) on current desktops and Android devices.

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