DrawPad Graphic Editor 6.75 for Windows

DrawPad Graphic Editor is a graphic editing tool designed to offer quite good results thanks to its drawing tools, effects and layers that will create the images you have in mind and that will be perfect for creating quick sketches.

This tool creates your projects from a blank page or an image on your hard drive with the dimension and resolution you need and in the format you want, since it supports the most used formats (PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, PDF and SVG ).

This drawing application has the basic tools of the drawing editors such as the pencil, the brush and the geometric shapes in addition to the eraser and the text box; but it also includes fill, shading or bevel and emboss options for a more elaborate look to your designs.

With the pencil and brush you can specify the thickness of the stroke or select various types of brushes that will give the drawings different hardness and opacity. In addition, although the basic options in this editor are perfected, it also introduces the use of layers to draw more complex images by overlaying creations and modifying the strokes individually.


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