DrawPad Professional 6.67 for Windows

DrawPad Professional is a very basic image editing tool, but by spending a minimal amount of time in the process, it will deliver optimal results.

With DrawPad Professional we can both edit any image file that is on our hard drive and create a sketch from scratch. This tool will put at our disposal a series of basic tools that are as useful as they are simple to use; With just a couple of clicks we can resize our image, cut it, distort it and add text, as well as having access to the classic drawing brushes whose parameters we can fully adapt to our needs.

One of the most interesting features of DrawPad Professional and that will make it stand out from the rest of similar programs is the possibility of working with layers, all of them completely independent and editable, which will allow us to give more complexity and a more professional finish to our creations.

DrawPad Professional works with the most common image files (PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, PDF and SVG), so if you need to edit or create a document in this format, it may be just the tool you need.


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