DreamMail for Windows – Download

If there is something that DreamMail stands out for, it is because of the impressive gallery of templates that the program includes and that will allow you to generate an email message with a spectacular design just by changing the text of the template.

There are templates for all tastes and for any occasion: more formal to deal with a business issue, fun and cheerful for congratulations, messages with emoticons to surprise a friend, and so on.

For the rest, DreamMail is a very complete mail client with which you can not only send and receive emails, but also access some advanced features, such as sending voice messages or enjoying an integrated RSS reader.

With it, you can manage multiple email accounts, including Hotmail and Yahoo webmail services.

The module to search for emails is another of the program’s strong points. The search can be carried out by different fields: sender, recipient, subject or content.

Another interesting feature is the contact book, which allows you to store up to 20 different data for each person.

A powerful anti-SPAM filter and a tool to view messages on the server without having to download them complete an excellent email client.


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