DreamPlan Plus 5.72 for Windows

DreamPlan Plus is a complete tool that will allow you to create a digital recreation of any type of building from scratch.

Whether you are thinking of building, doing internal restructuring works in a home or simply fantasizing about what your dream home would be like, DreamPlan Plus is all you need. From its intuitive interface you can create complete three-dimensional models of any type of building and edit both the interior decoration and the exterior landscape at your leisure. Once you have the finished model, DreamPlan Plus will offer you the option of exporting the construction plans in two dimensions and, if you already have a sketch created in this program, any other user will be able to import the project’s three-dimensional reconstruction into their program.

The editing controls of DreamPlan Plus are very simple, since you will simply have to choose what element you want to implement within your model, double click on its name in the menu and drag it to where it suits you best. In the same way, you can edit the different types of floors, wallpaper or exterior textures among more than a hundred different designs. One of the most interesting features of DreamPlan Plus is the simple implementation of mods that it includes, from which you can easily add any element that you miss within the original program.


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