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Driver Booster is a practical tool designed to update all the drivers and drivers of our Windows system, whether they be audio, video or any other external device connected to the computer, so we will avoid performance problems in our hardware or errors and security holes which can cause some important system elements to be out of date.

With this tool, you can explore and identify outdated drivers and automatically download the update you need. Easy to use, its automatic operation makes it an excellent solution that will guarantee the proper functioning of the system. Once Driver Booster is started, the program will proceed to analyze the PC in search of components that require a renewal and will eliminate old drivers to replace them with the latest versions available, provided that the option is activated to avoid irreparable losses.

To avoid problems, by default it will perform system restore points with each new update in order to revert the state of the computer in case we have problems with the update. Likewise, it will be possible to choose to update the elements that we want and cancel or discard those that we are not interested in keeping up to date. This feature together with the possibility of running in the background starting with Windows means that we can ignore the process while Driver Booster performs maintenance tasks.

Keep your Windows drivers up to date with Driver Booster

One of the biggest deficiencies of Windows compared to other platforms is the need to update the software installed manually, a complication that increases when keeping the system drivers up to date. Although there are some tools to automate this task, Driver Booster is one of the best in its field, a free program that automatically detects and installs our computer’s drivers, and with its latest version 5 adds interesting features.

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What’s New

+ The database has been further expanded to update drivers for more devices, such as AMD RYZEN 4000 Series and NVIDIA with the new DLSS2.0 technology
+ Logic logic has been optimized
+ The program installation process has been further optimized
+ Minor UI improvements have been included
+ Fixed known bugs


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