DroidCam 6.4.1 – Download Free

Converting your Android into a webcam is very simple if you have DroidCam. It is a software that connects PC and smartphone or tablet and uses the camera of the mobile device to use it as a camera in different applications, such as Skype.

Turn your mobile device into a camera for your PC

What we have here is the client for Windows but we will need to have installed the APK on our Android. It works in the following way:

  1. Paso 1: we choose the type of connection that we are going to use between wifi and USB cable.
  2. Paso 2: if it is via Wi-Fi, you will have to enter the IP number of the device through the app itself in addition to the port of DroidCam. If it is via USB, simply the IP number.
  3. Paso 3: finally you just have to launch the connection and choose, optionally, if we also want to capture the audio.

Its application is not only limited to video calls but we can also use it as a surveillance camera.

And if you get the paid version you can control different aspects, such as zoom, rotation, lighting, the possibility of taking image captures …

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