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He no longer takes that of make copies of our files on CDs or DVDs to be able to take them with us anywhere. Even USB sticks are lagging behind. Since the Internet has spread and upload and download speeds are increasing, why carry a pen drive everywhere if I can upload my files to the cloud and download them wherever I want?

The best alternative to Google Drive.

That is the main idea behind the online storage services. There are them for all tastes and colors, but one of the most popular thanks to its great features and for being one of the pioneers in cloud storage is undoubtedly Dropbox. And if you are a regular user of this service, you need to get your desktop client for Windows computers to be able to manage all your files more easily.

Main features

  • Stores up to 2GB of content for free and get more space by inviting friends.
  • Subscribe to a paid plan to increase your available space in the cloud.
  • Maximum security and protection for your files stored through SSL encryption and AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Compatible with any operating system and smartphones: upload your images directly from your mobile, for example.
  • Access files despite not having an Internet connection.
  • Adjust the bandwidth used to avoid completely hogging it.
  • Undo the changes at will and restore files: keep your history for a month working with the application.

How to use this desktop client?

Perhaps you are more used to directly accessing the website of this service and uploading the files you want to save in the cloud from there, but once you get used to the desktop version, you will never use the webapp again.

As easy as drag & drop.

Once installed, Dropbox works like any other folder on your computer, but any file you copy or save there will automatically sync with the web version. With just drag and drop, or copy and paste documents to this folder you can link them to your account and access them whenever and wherever you want.

And what about my privacy? So don’t worry, all your files uploaded to the cloud are private unless you share them implicitly. How? Right click on a file and select the option Share. There you can write the email of the person with whom you want to share it, with the possibility of adding a comment and modifying the type of access. How can I see who I have shared a file with? Right click again and select Manage Access to see which users have access to it.

Dropbox vs Google Drive. Which is better?

For the record, Google’s solution for online storage is not the only alternative to the powerful Dropbox. There are many more possibilities out there, each more interesting, such as OneDrive de Microsoft, Amazon Drive, SugarSync, Box, Mega, SpiderOak o pCloudBut when push comes to shove, we almost always go for the Big G cloud storage service or the option from the company founded by MIT students Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi.

But which of the two is better? It is difficult to determine a clear winner without knowing the needs and what each user is looking for. to get started Google Drive offers us much more space, 15 GB as opposed to 2 GB of Dropbox, but there is a trick: it is a shared space between this service, Gmail and Google Photos, while the one in the blue box is a totally dedicated space, which we can also expand by inviting other users.

Google Drive: more space but with a trick.

On the other hand, this service does not have any limitation regarding the maximum file size to upload, as long as we use the desktop client, as is the case, while Google’s solution allows us to upload files with a maximum weight of 5 TB. Regarding payment plans, both services offer similar prices ($ 10 per month for 1 TB), although it must be recognized that GDrive has a wider range of possibilities with 100 GB for $ 2 per month, for example.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Bugs have been fixed and performance improved.

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