DS4Windows 2.2.1 for Windows – Download

DS4Windows is a very easy-to-use program that will allow us to use the Playstation 4 controller (the DualShock 4) on our Windows computer. The only thing we will need to make it work is to have the Xbox 360 controller drivers installed beforehand and use a viable method to connect our DualShock to the PC, such as a Micro USB cable or a Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

The first time we start DS4Windows on our computer we can instantly install all the necessary drivers. Once this is done, the program will basically take care of ‘fooling’ video games into thinking that our DualShock 4 is actually an Xbox 360 controller (which is the standard in most video games for Windows).

DS4Windows will allow us to create as many game profiles as we want, being able to customize the controls to our liking, to adapt them to different video games. An indispensable tool for Playstation 4 and PC players, who want to continue using their DualShock 4 when playing on Windows.


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