DSpeech 1.73.339 for Windows – Download

DSpeech is a curious tool with which you can write and paste texts in the interface so that they are read by a virtual English voice capable of pronouncing any phrase.

The program has been designed to provide a quick way to have a speech recognition system. With the ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) functionality, the application converts text into speech but, in addition, it also integrates another option for speech recognition as long as you have configured this function in Windows.

With DSpeech you can adjust the pitch, speed and volume of the voice so that you can adjust the pronunciation to your needs, with the option of inserting pauses or emphasizing specific words. Of course, you should bear in mind that the program only has a voice in English so you will not be able to insert texts in other languages.

The program is also programmed to record and play audio files in WAV and MP3 formats as well as to store the output files in other formats such as ACC, OGG and WMA.


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