DUMo for Windows – Download

DUMo is a tool that automatically analyzes your system to identify all installed drivers and show you if they are updated. Thanks to this program, just by double-clicking on each of the entries, you will be able to view the version of your drivers and directly access a web page from where you can check which is the latest update.

If any of your drivers has an outdated version, DUMo will inform you of this, but at no time will it provide the possibility of downloading updates directly from its interface. If the user wants to have the latest version, he will have to search for it and download it manually. Still, this application is quite useful, as it also shows important information about each device, such as the manufacturer name, the full name of the versions or the levels of use of the CPU and RAM of your PC.

Also, if these two processes are at critical levels, you can always close the necessary applications to lower their performance and not suffer problems.


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