DVDFab (64-bit) for Windows

If you are looking for a simple application with which to make backup copies of your original DVDs, DVDFab is what you need. You just have to insert the movie and the blank DVD and press Start. The full movie (including all kinds of menus and extras like trailers, special features, etc.) will begin to copy in a period of time that will vary depending on the speed of your drive, the processor and the size of the DVD.

But if you want to copy the movie without subtitles or extras, you will only have to select the option to copy those elements. The movie that we want to copy can also be imported from the hard disk if we have ripped it before. In addition, DVDFab supports NTSC and PAL formats, allows you to compress DVD-9 into a single DVD with perfect quality, and will allow you to remove zone code restrictions from the original movie.


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