eM Client 8.1.979.0 for Windows

eM Client is an application that manages our emails and that has a multitude of options that make it a perfect tool for our day to day. An app for Windows that stands out for its ease of use thanks to its simple and elegant interface.

Thanks to eM Client we will be able to manage all aspects of our emails. After entering an account that we have created in any service, we will be able to do both the basic functions (read, send, leave drafts), as well as others more specific to this client: it has basic image editing tools, an excellent table editor , Gmail autoresponders … Also, it supports PGP to send encrypted emails.

But this email client does not just stop there since it has different additional tools: calendar, task manager, contact database and even integrated chat. Navigation through these sections is quite simple thanks to the use of tabs.

eM Client is an excellent email client that has numerous tools that make it an application to take into account for all Windows users.


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