EuroGes 18 – Download Free

EuroGes is a completely free business management software that includes all the functionalities that a company may need to carry out its commercial activity: control of stock, administration of customer and supplier databases, order management, statistics tracking, accounting, …

Main features

Among the main characteristics of EuroGes the following stand out:

  • Management utility, based on Java, focused on the SME sector.
  • Control of the entry of articles in the warehouse and their availability.
  • Ability to apply offers during selected periods.
  • Customer management: data, discounts, credits, …
  • Generation of budgets and invoices.
  • Access to statistics in the form of graphs.
  • Support for Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL and Oracle Database and, in general, for any type of database that complies with SQL-92 standards.

Free download EuroGes and discover a reliable and secure application to manage your business.

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