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Inspiration, creativity and good ideas can assail us at any time. We are not always going to have a pen and paper on hand to write them down. And to solve that problem arises Evernote, a multiplatform application with which we can capture all our ideas as notes and save and organize them in notebooks so that we never forget them, wherever we are and in any situation.

Make sure you don’t forget or lose any ideas or content.

And to take notes and set reminders on our Windows computer, nothing better than the official desktop client of the application, from where we can create all kinds of notes: from text to handwritten notes, through audio notes, recorded with our webcam or screenshots. Where are the notes saved once created? Well, in the cloud so that we can access them from any other device, be it Android, iPhone, Mac, Linux or the web version of the application.

Main features

  • The best way to have all your notes organized.
  • Create notebooks themes that will also contain different notes.
  • Possibility of creating audio notes by recording your voice, video notes through the webcam, text notes that you can format as you want, handwritten notes or notes based on screenshots.
  • Capture any ideas and organize them conveniently, even entire web pages.
  • Practical integrated search engine to be able to find any annotation easily.
  • Labeling system to better classify your notes.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts native software to create notes and notebooks faster and easier.
  • Notes are automatically sync with the cloud so that you can access them and consult them from any other device.
  • Highly protected servers and encrypted communications to preserve your privacy.
  • possibility of share your notes with any other user.

What is it Evernote Webclipper?

Webclipper is a feature of this software that works as a plug-in or extension for the main web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc. This is the next step in the evolution of web bookmarks: with a simple click you can save any web to read it later when you have more time, and thanks to this add-on it will be added directly to your notes so you don’t forget.

The save button for the web.

But not only will you be able to save the websites that interest you most as is, but you will also be able to do annotations on them or highlight pieces of text, indicating the parts that seemed most important to you or indicating, for example, those parts that you have already taken a look at and that you do not need to read again.

What plans are available?

This software has a free version but it also has two payment plans with which you can expand basic functions of the program.

  • Basic: is the free version of the program that allows you to upload up to 60 MB of data every month and synchronize your notes on two different devices. Its functions are those that we have explained in the characteristics section.
  • Plus– This is the next step with 1GB of monthly capacity and syncing with an unlimited number of devices. It also adds the possibility of accessing our notebooks in offline mode without an Internet connection.
  • Premium: it is the most complete plan of the three. It allows a total of 10 GB of monthly traffic with synchronization with all the devices we want. To the functions of the Plus plan we must add the ability to work directly on PDF files.

Evernote vs OneNote and Springpad. Which is better?

Obviously, this is not the only note-taking program available for Windows. There are many other alternatives. Better or worse? That, as always, depends on what each user is looking for.

One of the great options is, without a doubt, Microsoft’s solution, OneNote, especially if we are familiar with the Redmond office suite as it is integrated into Microsoft Office and therefore their learning process is much less than the software represented by an elephant.

As for Springpad, there is nothing to debate. The online service for taking and organizing notes closed its doors in June 2014, urging its users to automatically migrate to Evernote, so it is clear who has turned out to be the winner between these two applications.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Bug fixes and implementation of improvements.

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