Evernote 10.6.9 for Windows – Download

For certain jobs and activities, the use of reminder notes is essential. However, there may come a time when you have so many that it is necessary to sort and classify them in the browser bookmarks and hundreds of text notes or reminders in physical format. For this and other functions, EverNote will be very helpful. It is a powerful tool with which you can save any information such as diagrams, email addresses, annotations, web fragments, personal and professional appointments, etc.

In addition, all these notes can be made in different and personalized formats, being able to change the font and color, add bold or underline, etc. EverNote also allows the use of links to web pages and supports the inclusion of images. The program is developed in a simple and comfortable interface, very intuitive and structured so that even the most inexperienced user can see EverNote as a very useful application.

Its potential lies in the possibility of synchronizing our user account with the different versions of the client that we use, so that either from the mobile application, the desktop program or the web version, we can add or delete content in any of them. indistinct form.

The best free Android apps for back to school

The month of September means the end of the summer period and, as a general rule, the beginning of work. A return to customs begins and the well-known “back to school”, which we could already qualify as a return to school, institute, university and even work. To make this return to responsibilities lighter, we have made a selection of free Android applications that will help us in this return to school. A large list organized by categories so that you can find all this information easily.

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