f.lux 4.119 for Windows – Download

F.lux is a small application that is capable of adapting the monitor’s color to the lighting conditions of the place where the user is.

F.lux takes as reference values ​​the type of lighting in that place, as well as the time of day. Select halogen, fluorescent, or natural light for better accuracy.

To indicate the population in which the user is located, its coordinates are necessary. Do it in the option Set your location, which redirects to a web page where it is possible to find out.

Finally, indicate if you want a fast (20 seconds) or a slow (60 minutes) transition between the color tones used on the monitor.

Protect your eyesight with these ten light filter apps for Android

The screen of our smartphones ends up being one of the main objectives of our gaze throughout the day. Many times we have to be controlling the brightness of it so that it gets used to the light of the environment in which we find ourselves. The problem with this is that our eyes can get quite tired of the brightness of the screen, something that is accentuated even more at night. Although many smartphones already include the possibility of enabling the night light, sometimes it seems somewhat sparing in details. For this reason we have decided to collect ten light filter apps that help protect our eyesight.

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