FenrirFS 2.6.4 for Windows – Download

FenrirFS is a label management application designed to be able to sort and manage your files by classifying them with colors and stars of importance or favorites.

The good thing about this utility is that the management and labeling of your files can be done in one go, being able to organize multiple files by dragging and dropping them on the labels, some labels that you can also add by inserting the name of the label.

FenrirFS also previews music and text files in Windows, checks images and plays videos while you perform other tasks without needing another program with the file to preview it.

With this tool you can automatically or manually synchronize Windows folders and documents, the labels you use in folder names, and configure folders to automatically load files from external memory.

In addition, through the display modes, it is possible to check files such as images and PDF files immediately and without changing the viewer.


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