Fiddler 5.0.20204.45441 – Download Free

Fiddler is an application that works as a proxy server that keeps a record of all HTTP traffic so that the user can verify that the Internet connection is working correctly, and can even debug the content they want to receive.

Web debugging for any browser

The operation of the Fiddler it is quite simple. Once launched, it will record all HTTP traffic that is received or sent over the network. The program provide specific data on each of the traffic elements, and will enable the inclusion of breakpoints, which will make it impossible for a part of the code to be loaded.

Thanks to this possibility can be deleted scripts specific and elements that slow down the loading of any web page, at the same time that it can be used to be able to debug the code of the web page to see which elements fail to load or which elements slow down the load.

Compatible with any system or platform.

Fiddler is compatible with most web browsers largest on the market, and you can increase the options you offer by extensions, which can be downloaded from the program’s website.

Therefore, if you want control all Internet traffic passing through your computer, and have greater control over it, download Fiddler.

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