FileZilla for Windows – Download

One of the best free and open source FTP clients is undoubtedly FileZilla. Its characteristics and ease of use make it one of the best applications to transfer data through this network protocol quickly and reliably.

With FileZilla it is possible to interrupt the download or upload of a file and then resume it, as long as the FTP server where the file is hosted supports it. The connection to the FTP server will never be closed thanks to the Keep Alive system and the TimeOut detection. On the other hand, the download and upload queue allows you to transfer files unattended.

It is capable of working with large files, and its intuitive drag and drop system allows you to manage remote file structures as if we were in a local file explorer. In addition, FileZilla allows you to manage user accounts and assign different ranges, edit certain file formats remotely, and limit transfer rates. It also supports SSL and SFTP connections.


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