FileZilla Portable 3.52.2 – Download Free

If you don’t know FileZilla it’s because you’ve never needed transfers via FTP since it is one of the most powerful and valued open source clients. Therefore, the version has not been long in coming FileZilla Portable of this excellent FTP client.

A FileZilla to take with you everywhere

Thanks to PortableApps, we already have a FileZilla Portable perfectly prepared to be installed on any USB pendrive and ready to run on any computer. Of course, none of the characteristics of the FileZilla original have been lost: FTP, SFTP, support for IPv6, support for drag and drop, tabs that facilitate navigation, an intuitive interface and excellent management of favorite sites.

FileZilla Portable has all the advantages of the normal customer adding the plus of mobilityFurthermore, it is possible to install and run it through the application that PortableApps provides to manage all your applications, which makes it much easier to use.

So do not hesitate anymore, FileZilla Portable is he FTP client perfect if you need mobility and only want to carry a pendrive.

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