Firefox Developer Edition 86.0b4 (64-bit) for Windows

Mozilla has alternative clients to the stable channel with which they publish the test versions of their browser that will be officially distributed in the future. Firefox Developer Edition takes over from the Aurora channel to offer an updated version of the browser every month and a half long before its release through the standard channel, also offering unique functionalities focused on web development.

This version includes several utilities to create, edit and test projects on various devices and browsers, encompassing all the new features in a drop-down menu on the toolbar: Includes the WebID system, a development kit to create web pages or applications for Firefox OS , also having an extension with which we can view and edit projects on other devices such as smartphones or tablets, in addition to checking the correct viewing in other browsers such as Chrome or Safari.

Other features are the ability to inspect the source code of the page and modify HTML and CSS code directly from the browser and see the changes made in real time. It also has debugging and performance analysis features that allow, for example, to check the status of the network when making online requests or to see a change log with all the interactions we make with a website.

At the standard user level, the only thing that varies from the original Firefox is a dark visual theme and the aforementioned inclusion of features that are not yet available in the stable channel, so this version is ideal for both developers and those who want to be up to date with your favorite browser.

Firefox 42 includes tools to avoid tracking when browsing

Surfing the Internet privately is a growing obsession as a result of the continuous scandals of tracking by large telecommunications companies and the public administration itself. Firefox joins the bandwagon by adding the Do Not Track option in version 42 of its browser to block any web element that tries to track our browsing habits.

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