Firefox Portable 84.0 – Download Free

One of the browsers most used in the world, it is still one of the best still being portable. The huge advantage of Firefox Portable is its ability to behave the same as if it were installed, allowing them to be installed addons y plugins as if it were the installable version.

The portable version of Mozilla Firefox

Once unzipped it can be executed from anywhere without problems, of course, this method is designed to transport it in a pen drive getting to have the great browser of Mozilla perfectly operational. Enjoying their tabs, extensions, security features, built-in search, dynamic bookmarks, or your pop-up blocker.

With the possibilities of Firefox Portable, one of the best decisions that can be made is to install some extension to synchronize bookmarks or favorites with our desktop Firefox, getting our favorite websites always at hand. Also, this Firefox Portable allows it to be linked to the application that PortableApps has developed to launch and configure many portable programs.

Although the speed This version of the browser is not the best, the truth is that it perfectly complies with its operation and we will not have any problem once it is fully loaded into the computer’s memory.

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