FlixGrab for Windows – Download

FlixGrab is a tool for Windows that allows you to download any content from the Netflix platform locally on your computer.

Thanks to this program we can have series and movies at any time without having to be connected to the Internet. It should be noted that Netflix has already incorporated an offline download mode in its interface but for the moment it is still limited to certain contents of the catalog.

With FlixGrab we will have the advantage of being able to store any of our favorite productions on our hard drive so that they can be viewed at any time. The program allows us to choose between different video resolutions to balance the balance between the quality of the downloaded content and its size. We will only have to copy the url of the video that we want to download and when clicking on ‘paste’ the conversion and storage is generated. We can even download several chapters of series or movies in parallel.

FlixGrab will make sure that even if we are on a plane, in the mountains or in a hotel without WiFi, we will no longer have excuses to be able to see a new chapter of our favorite series in good quality and without the problems that slow connections bring. Of course, we must have an active Netflix account to be able to download content.


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