Folder Colorizer 2.4.3 – Download Free

Are you tired of always seeing the same yellow color in your folders? Folder Colorizer is a tool with which you can customize the color of your computer folders with a couple of clicks. In addition to coloring the folders, Folder Colorizer it will help you better classify directories through colors.

Simple operation

When you install Folder Colorizer you will not have to open any program, since integrates into the browser menu. To change the color of a folder you just have to select it, right-click, and in the section Colorize! you will find the predefined colors. Choose the one you like the most and the folder will change color.

Is Windows Explorer too boring? Color it!

Folder Colorizer also allows set other colors via option Colors. We can add to the menu Folder Colorizer the colors we choose from the color palette. And to return the folders to their original color we have to choose the option Restore original color.

That simple is colorize your Windows folders with Folder Colorizer. Don’t wait any longer and download for free Folder Colorizer.

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