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It goes without saying that any soccer fan has a little coach inside of us… we always have an idea about who we would line up for our favorite team or what tactic we would play with. What’s more, we even have a team president, because we also know which signings are necessary.

Well, we cannot give you the millions of Al-Khelaïfi, Al-Fahim, Peter Lim, Rybolóvlev or Abramovich, but we can tell you that you can download Football Manager 2021, one of the oldest and most interesting football management games (the latter with permission from PC Fútbol).

Feel like a real president

Let’s not kid ourselves: you think you would be a president of those who later put your name to the stadium as a tribute, but in reality you drool with Jesús Gil, Piterman and Lopera, some real artists. And with FM you will be able to do the same as them: buy whoever rotates you beyond the criteria of the coach, sit yourself on the bench or give your best player to Albacete for a few hours.

Because here you go all the management areas of your favorite football team at your fingertips: team, training, transfers, player scouting, finances, club workers …

Will you be a worthy successor to Paco Roig?

These are the main features with which you can have fun and take your team to the top of football:

  • Compete in leagues from 60 different countries.
  • Choose from 2,500 clubs.
  • Over 600,000 players to choose from.
  • Hire your club staff.

But what is better Football Manager 2021 compared to FM 2019 and 2020? These are your news

Have been introduced improvements and news regarding Football Manager 2019 and 2020. These are the most prominent:

  • Forge dynamics among the players and get a cohesive wardrobe (forget about signing Neymar then).
  • Live the matches with more realism thanks to the improved football simulation.
  • Take a look at the footballers in more detail. You will need a good data analyst who can read important information.
  • An improved medical center that informs you about the health status of your footballers.
  • Tactics have been improved: now you have more data to know if your strategy works.
  • Artificial intelligence applied to the transfer market: now there are inflated quotas, commissions and clauses similar to reality.

It’s a paid game, so you can’t download Football Manager for free (although you can download its demo). Anyway you have to know that if you do with him you will have free Football Manager Touch for Windows, Mac and Linux free.

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