Free Pascal 3.2.0 – Download Free

Pascal is a structured programming language with many years of experience behind him and that is mainly oriented to training. Although it is less common every day, you can still find specialized development environments in this language such as Free Pascal.

A look to the past

When MS-DOS was the most widely used OS, there were different environments for programming in Pascal such as TurboPascal or Borland Pascal. The arrival of Windows and Delphi reduced the market for this language, despite which it is still used today in very specific sectors.

Pascal’s professional compiler.

Free Pascal is a development environment in Pascal with the TurboPascal interface aimed at both nostalgic people and future programmers or companies that still work with this language.


  • Development environment for Pascal.
  • Compile and run your own programs thanks to the included compiler.
  • Optimize and debug your code to avoid errors thanks to the debugger.
  • Compatible with Turbo Pascal 7.0 and various versions of Delphi.
  • Search In the code.
  • Includes calculator.
  • It has a access to ASCII table.

Do you want to get in touch with Pascal? Download Free Pascal free, also known as FPK Pascal, and you can know or resume application programming using the Pascal programming language.

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