FreeFileSync 11.4 for Windows – Download

FreeFileSync is an open source application with which you can compare and synchronize the contents of the folders on your hard drive.

The truth is that if you only have your computer’s hard drive, these programs may not be essential, but on the other hand, if you also use an external hard drive or you usually transfer information from one computer to another, synchronizing folders will be of great help. to organize yourself better and, above all, not to step on information without realizing what you are doing.

FreeFileSync is very easy to use. You just have to indicate the paths of the two folders you want to compare and choose between the two available methods: by date and size or by file content.

Once FreeFileSync has finished analyzing the folders, you will be able to filter the view to see the files that are only in one of the two folders, those that are the same in one and the other, or those that being in both present differences depending on the method of comparison.

Finally, when you have compared the differences between the files, you can decide if you want to synchronize them so that the content is the same in both folders.


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