Freeplane 1.8.11 – Download Free

One of the best systems to associate ideas is the creation of concept maps, which allow us organize and structure concepts for all kinds of tasks such as study, planning, data exposure … Now you can create them by downloading Freeplane free.

Concept mapping software

This free software is developed in Java and is specially prepared for this purpose. The maps that we have created can be exported in PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG, MM, HTML, XHMTL and XSLT formats.. Developed from FreeMind, Freeplane It is ideal in the gestation of projects, when brainstorming is required by multiple collaborators.

You can make all kinds of annotations on the different nodes that you create. Establish associations between concepts and mark them to have a quick perspective of your project. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to add directions and speed up map creation. Import images if necessary for clarity in the interpretation of your maps.

Make concept maps with the free Freeplane It is very simple. It is also in Spanish, making life much easier for us with it. to download Freeplane free is one good alternative when it comes to designing concept maps.

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