Fruit Ninja 3.1.0 – Download Free

What defines an authentic and true ninja warrior is his ability to slice fruit … this is it. In Fruit Ninja you will be able to test your skill with the katana cutting into pieces all the pieces of fruit that appear before you. But be careful, it is not so easy: the road is full of bombs that can end with a stroke of the pen your aspirations to become a brave ninja.

Earn respect in the age-old art of fruit cutting.


  • Cut and kill all the fruits at your fingertips.
  • Have fun with any of the three different game modes: Classic, Zen and Arcade.
  • Unlock weapons and backgrounds.
  • Use them different enhancers that you will find throughout the game.

Your ability has a prize

As you practice swordsmanship, you will find that you can get great scores. How? Very simple: based on combos and special hits that will help you get bigger markers.

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