Game Jolt Client 0.59.0 for Windows

Game Jolt Client is the official client of this popular video game platform, especially focused on independent and free titles. Thanks to it, we can download thousands of video games of all genres, in a comfortable way, very similar to that proposed by Steam or the EPIC Store.

The first thing we must do to use Game Jolt Client is create a user account, a very simple process that we can complete using our Google, Facebook or Twitter account. Once we have our account, we can take a look at the extensive catalog of the platform and download any of its many free games. All the games that we download in this way will also be associated with our account and we will be able to access them more quickly in the future.

The Game Jolt Client catalog is an absolute outrage. It is made up of more than 100,000 different titles, which we can filter by genre, popularity or name. Most of the games that we can download are also totally free, although we can pay what we want for them if, after playing them, we want to show our appreciation to their authors.

Game Jolt Client is an excellent video game platform that will allow us to enjoy a very complete catalog, in a very comfortable way. Totally essential for lovers of independent video games.


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