GameEx 16.74 for Windows – Download

GameEx is a versatile frontend with which we can navigate through a unified interface for the games we have for countless emulators of consoles and arcade machines, in addition to functioning as a complete Media Center to play music and video. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting tool both to use with our PC connected to a television and in a home arcade machine.

From GameEx itself, all emulators can be downloaded and installed automatically through integrated wizards. The default installation directory for these is in the ‘Emulators’ folder at the root of the hard drive. The long list of applications that GameEx integrates includes MAME, ZNES, Visual Boy Advance, Stella, pSX, Project64, Neo RAGEx, Model 2, Gens, Handy, Fusion, DOSBox, DeSmuME, Chankast … that will allow you to emulate consoles of all kind, from Sega’s DreamCast or Sony’s PlayStation.

GameEx is a fantastic multipurpose frontend, which can be used both to use on our PC and to simulate arcade machines. Thanks to its user community and multiple customization plugins, we can associate photographs, videos, covers and endless informational data with each game.


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