Garena 2.0 for Windows – Download

Garena is the official client of this popular video game platform based in Singapore, thanks to which we can enjoy a large number of quality titles. The most notable of these titles is undoubtedly Ring of Elysium, which is completely free.

In order to play Ring of Elysium, all we have to do is change the client’s location and select Thailand. The good thing is that we can do this without having to change the client’s language, so we will not have any language problems. Also, once installed, although the game will start in Thai, we can change the language.

Ring of Elysium’s gameplay is very similar to what we all know from PUBG or Fortnite. One hundred players will hang glide from a plane and land on a huge island full of weapons and vehicles. Our goal: to become the only survivor by the time the force field that is reducing the size of the map has finished closing.

Garena is a video game client similar to Origin, Steam or UPlay, but with the difference that all the titles that we will find here are totally free. And they are not only free, in general, as with Ring of Elysium, they are very good.


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