GDevelop 5.0 Beta 102 for Windows

There are many assisted video game creation environments, but few are truly open and free. GDevelop is an Open Source tool that allows you to create all kinds of games using the flexible HTML5, being able to export our creations both to local executables for Windows or Mac as packages ready to compile on Android and use on our smartphone. Best of all, it is a tool without cost or limitation.

The creation of games with GDevelop does not require that we have knowledge of programming languages, since everything works through a system of events assigned to objects. That is, if, for example, we want a character to move, we will have to introduce the condition that when pressing the corresponding key it moves to the right. This command, which would otherwise require writing multiple lines of code, is summarized in a small submenu with drop-down options that anyone can understand.

The characteristics of the game and its genre are completely free to our choice, although the tool is designed to run 2D titles (or at most 3D falsified in the style of the first shooters of the 90s). We will have access to different sections of the game, such as a scene editor where to place the game elements and see the result visually at all times or a section to manage all the sprites and background images that we are going to include in the project.

GDevelop is a fantastic video game creation tool that, although it does not allow great technical displays, makes this possibility available to any user.

GDevelop is an Open Source environment to create HTML5 games

There are integrated development environments to create video games of all types and for all platforms, as we show in our definitive mega-list with creation tools. What is not so abundant are programs of this type that are totally free and open as is the case with this GDevelop, which allows you to develop games in HTML5 without having programming knowledge, to later export them both in executable format for Windos or Mac and compile them for later packaging in Android as an APK.

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