Genymotion 3.1.2 – Download Free

An Android emulator can serve both application developers and users with no other interest than testing an application without having to alter the settings of their phone or tablet. One of the best is Genymotion that stands out for the number of devices it can emulate.

An emulator built into the user workflow

Genymotion is designed with user productivity in mind and therefore has a simple installation and a design that is fully integrated with the user’s workflow. Not in vain is it possible launch it from development platforms like Eclipse and Android Studio. But it also stands out for being able virtualize more than ten mobile devices among which are Nexus or Samsung Galaxy and for the possibility it offers of configure the workbench to test any type of application.

Capable of emulating some of the most popular devices on the market.


  • Virtualization of more than ten mobile devices.
  • possibility of configure application tests for various output devices.
  • Integration with Eclipse and Android Studio.
  • Support for Wi-Fi y GPS.
  • possibility of multiscreen execution.
  • Option of full screen output.

For all types of user

Genymotion is highly regarded for his adaptation to all types of users. Its functions make it perfect for demanding developers but novice users simply curious to find out how their applications work you will not find any problem in the use of this emulator.

Develop and test your applications with Genymotion, one of the best Android emulators.

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