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We know that the subject of Mathematics is one of the most choking among students of different educational levels. In many of these cases it is a simple wrong approach to it and having the appropriate resources can help to overcome the obstacle that many see in them. GeoGebra is software designed to contribute to your teaching, adapted to all levels and that combines different functions within one interface easy to use.

To know when it was created, you have to go back to 2001, when the first version of the app was developed by Markus Hohenwarter. This one believed in development of an open source project that could be downloaded for free by any member of the educational community as long as it did not have a commercial purpose.

Powerful software for learning and teaching math.

Later and thanks to campaigns of crowdfunded On project finance platforms such as Kickstarter, desktop versions have been released for Mac, Windows PC (both standalone as an extension for Google Chrome) and Linux, and also for Windows tablets, iPad and Android and in APK for Android smartphones. It even has features online from the project website.

Supporting the teaching of mathematics

Because let’s not forget that others like technology, engineering, computer science or physics are supported on this science, to name just a few. It is because of that brings together functions oriented to the study and calculation of geometry, algebra or statistics.

It has 6 different view types that encompass all features and study options that it is able to offer:

  • 2D graphical view: allows you to perform geometric constructions and operations between objects. You will also find here how to graph functions and visually represent different data.
  • Algebraic view: to represent algebraically and numerically objects represented in other views of the program.
  • 3D graphic view: in addition to the objects that can be represented in the 2D view, it supports planes, spheres, cones, polyhedra and functions of two variables.
  • Spreadsheet view: template with organized cells and rows and columns to enter and process numeric data. It has tools for the statistical treatment of data.
  • Symbolic Calculation View (CAS): used to perform calculations in a symbolic way such as derivatives, integrals, equations, matrices …
  • Odds and Statistics View: represents different probability distribution functions and allows them to be calculated at certain intervals. It has a calculator for statistical tests.

Some of the characteristics of software they can become a bit complex, obviously depending on the level you are working with. That is why different guides and official tutorials are offered to work with and learn how to use it.

You can download it for free in Spanish and other languages, thanks to the fact that it has a large community of users who have been in charge of collaborating on the different translations. It is common in projects opensource like this one, so you don’t have to worry about how much it costs unless, as we said before, you want to use it for commercial purposes.

What’s new in the latest version

  • The developers of the application have not published the news included in the latest version.

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